The Best Automotive Relay on the Market.

Navigating the intricate world of relays, particularly when dealing with substantial amperage requirements, is a common challenge for enthusiasts. Whether it's propelling a robust fuel pump demanding up to 30 amps or orchestrating a new set of radiator fans, the need for a reliable relay is undeniable. The process of wiring the relay, coupled with the meticulous task of ensuring no exposed contacts, adds another layer of complexity to the equation.

I would like to present to you the Kaizenspeed Relay, which I firmly believe and the industry agrees is the ultimate in automotive relay technology.

Kaizen Speed Relay Solid State

The Kaizenspeed Relay is packed with numerous features, making it distinct from other relays. Below is a detailed analysis of its functionalities.

Solid-State: This relay is a remarkable solid-state device that has the capability to function as both a high-side trigger and low-side trigger. 

Versatility in Wiring:

  • High Side Trigger: The relay operates at 100% duty when it receives a 12V signal as per convention. However, those who prefer PWM can use a high PWM signal with a maximum frequency of 225Hz to have more precise control.
  • Low Side Trigger: This offers the choice of either grounding to operate the relay at maximum capacity or using a low side PWM signal with a frequency of up to 225Hz to achieve accurate duty control.

The flexibility in wiring is a standout feature, making it a seamless replacement for traditional mechanical relays or an upgrade for those seeking solid-state precision with PWM control.

Powerhouse Performance: With a substantial 40-amp maximum rated current per relay, this device empowers users to effortlessly drive power-hungry fuel pumps or radiator fans.

Illuminating Insights: The relay has status lights for a clear indication of its power status and activation, which improves operational transparency. Additionally, a button is conveniently placed for easy access to manual activation.

KaizenSpeed Solid State Relay Wiring

User-Friendly Installation: In addition to its impressive functional capabilities, the Kaizenspeed Relay boasts weather-resistant attributes and a tool-less, solder-less, crimp-less wiring installation facilitated by a spring cage and trigger/ground depressors.

KaizenSpeed Spring Cage Solid State Relay
KaizenSpeed Trigger and Ground Depressors

This introduction merely scratches the surface of the Kaizenspeed Relay's capabilities. Subsequent blog entries will delve into advanced topics, exploring how multiple relays can be interconnected, sharing power and ground wires. Additionally, we'll discuss leveraging a control module to receive CANBUS data, enabling relay activation based on OE CANBUS or aftermarket ECU CANBUS signals.

If you'd like to purchase a KaizenSpeed Relay, we are an authorized distributor and you can purchase it from us here: KaizenSpeed Relay

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